Unit Intracity North Luzon
South Luzon
Out of Town
Minimum Charge 1st 3 kgs P 245 P 265 P 265 P 285 P 285 P 330  
Add-on in excess Per kg P 70 P 80 P 80 P 95 P 95 P 110  



• Valuation Fee: 1% of Declared Value (plus 12% VAT)
• Storage Fee: P 5.00 / kg / day over 48 hours
• Refund / Pull-out Fee: 50% of Freight Charge
• Cellphone Fee: 20% of weight charge
• Cellphone Fee: 20% of weight charge
• Cellphone Accessories Fee: 20% of weight charge
• Dangerous Goods Fee: 50% of weight charge
• Perishable Goods Fee: 20% of weight charge
• Return Docs Fee (Hardcopy): P 25.00 per CN/AWB
• Crating fee: P 500.00 for first 25Kg. Add'l P17.00/Kg in excess
• Outside Service Area Fee: Based on actual cost to deliver, per approval



• Rates are inclusive of 12% VAT.
• Rates are subject to valuation charge (subject to 12% VAT).
• Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
• 2GO prohibits acceptance of "Dangerous Goods".
   Misdeclaration of cargo is punishable by law.
• Items are subject to inspection.

• Applicable for Retail Outlet Acceptance Only.



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Our customer service hotline (+632) 77-99-222 is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.