International Delivery service for your document and non-document

Rate calculations will be based on the details you will provide.
The computed charges are estimates only.
Final charges will be re-computed based on actual details.

  Please complete entries below details
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Optional Charges:  
Additional Services and Accessories Charges Saturday Delivery Fee
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Return to Sender Fee

Weight and Size Limitations:

For Document Package:

» Maximum weight per package is 2 kg.

In case customer requests shipment to be returned from international
destination, a Return To Sender Fee of P1,000 will be charged on top of
applicable import freight.

For Non-Document Package:

» Maximum weight per package is 70 kg.
» Maximum length per package is 270 cm.

» Maximum size per package is 419 cm. in length and girth combined
   L + (2W+2H).

» Large Package Surcharge applies for every package whose size
   exceeds 330 cm. and Minimum Billable Weight is 40 kg.