FAQs | Shipping Terms | Shipping Requirements

1. Schedules?

Please see our SCHEDULES.

2. Do I still have to visit your office for booking reservation?

You may book by visiting our nearest branch offices, via emails, fax or through Customer Interaction Center (+63 2) 528-7400 by just giving us the following details:

3. What are your prevailing rates?

Please see our Rates Calculator to get estimated charges.

4. What ports do you serve?

Please see our Outlets/Branch Locator to check for ports of call and serviceable areas.

5. Do you accept rolling cargoes?

Yes, rolling cargoes are accepted using lane meter.  Please see our RoRo Calculator for estimated charges.

6. What are the container specifications?

A 10-footer container can accommodate a maximum of 9 tons.  A 20-footer container can accommodate a maximum of 18 tons.  A 40-footer container can accommodate a maximum of 36 tons.

7. Who should I contact to do business with you?

Please see our Contact Page for details.

8. Is there a cut-off time for booking or can I book anytime?

For your convenience, we advise that you book ahead of time, preferably 3 days before vessel departure.  Check the SCHEDULE that is most convenient for you.

9. What are your payment modes?

Payment could be:

10. What is your lead-time?

The lead time depends on the distance between port of origin and port of destination.  Please see our SCHEDULE for the estimated time of departure and estimated time of arrival.

11. How do you ensure the safety and security of my cargo?

2GO tries its best to adhere to the highest standard of safety.  As proof of our efforts, ATS Corp. is the only shipping company in the Philippines that has received a fleet-wide ISM-certification.

12. How will I know if my shipment was loaded?


A customer service representative will call you to confirm loading of your shipment.  You may likewise call our Customer Interaction Center at (+63 2) 528-7400.

13. Can we have a copy of our proof of payment?

Yes.  However, for collect payment, documents are sent to destination upon payment.