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  Shipping Terms details
Term Meaning  
Aboitiz Air International (AAI) This is the type of service catering to shipments bound for abroad.
Aboitiz Satellite/Branch Referred to as Aboitiz owned branch  
Account Number Assigned to customers, this is a ten-digit numeric naming convention for on account clients and six-digit numeric naming convention for prepaid clients with special rate. The purpose of this is to create customer distinction.  
Adval Advalorem Cargo, Value per Kilo is more than P200.00.  
Agents 2GO Express outlets owned and operated by agents.  
Air Waybill Document title "Air Waybill/Consignment Note," made out by or on behalf of the shipper, which evidences the contract between the shipper and carrier(s) for the carriage of goods over the route(s) of the carrier(s).  
Airport To Airport Cargo is delivered to any 2GO satellite of head office and brought to destination port where consignee picks it up at the 2GO office.  
Airport To Door Cargo is delivered to any 2GO satellite or head office and delivered to consignee's door.  
Bill of Lading Either a straight non-negotiable or order negotiable document, which is a contract for transportation between the shipper and the carrier.  
Bill To Designates a billing arrangement in which the freight bill is sent to the responsible party (either shipper or consignee) at an address different than the address where the freight was picked up or delivered. "Bill to" situations are often confused with "third party" billings.  
Booking Number The booking transaction number generated from the system as soon as the booking is booked. This will serve as reference in tracking the status of shipment pick-up.  
Carrier Refers to the transporter of shipment either via sea, air or land.  
Carrier code The code that is assign to the carrier used in the transport of cargo; the carrier could be an airline, shipping line, bus line or long haul van.  
Cash Air Waybill Receipt issued for outright cash payments by the Shipper for parcel deliveries.  
Cash Receipt Also known as Official Receipt, contains payment details.  
Cash-on-Delivery (COD) Payment mode used when it is required to collect from the Consignee the value of the item and remit the same amount to the Shipper.  
Certification A document to be executed by the consignee wherein box is sealed, intact, has no signs of pilferage and damages yet upon opening the box, the contents were lacking/dented/crumpled/scratched/punctured (factory defects or picking/packing error).  
Charge Invoice The document where details of transactions are indicated: date of transaction, reference document number (air waybill, consignment number), origin, destination and amount.  
Claims Incident Report A report to be accomplished by one who has custody of the goods at the time of the incident from acceptance to delivery of cargo.  
Claims Investigation Report A brief, concise yet comprehensive presentation of findings and recommendations of Claims Specialist/Assistant for the disposition of a claim. It serves as a record for the record of adjudication/resolution of a claim.  
Collect Shipper (CS) Payment mode where the shipper pays through their credit line.  
Consignee Receiver of the document or parcel deliveries.  
Container Seal A device placed at the door lock of a container which guarantee or signify that the container has been closed and accounted. This is pre-numbered.  
Credit Application Form (CAF) This is the form accomplished by client applying for credit term with details about the client's business such as, registered company name, SEC registration, BIR registration, etc.  
Credit Consignee (CC) Payment mode where the consignee pays through their credit line in destination outlet.  
Dangerous Goods (DG) These are items that are considered either highly flammable, could cause corrosion, explosives, acids and ammunition.  
Declared Value The value of the shipment, as stated in writing by the shipper on the air waybill.  
Delivery The act of transferring possession, such as the transfer of property from consignor to carrier, once carrier to another, or carrier to consignee.  
Delivery Run Sheet A system-generated report of all documents/cargoes scanned for specific area/courier to be delivered. Serves as transmittal sheet to establish accountability of courier.  
Denial Letter A formal communication addressed to the claimant detailing the reasons as why the company's liability is denied..  
Destination The location where a shipment will be transported or delivered  
Door To Airport (DA) Cargo is picked up by van courier and brought to destination port where consignee picks it up at the warehouse  
Door To Door (DD) Cargo is picked up at shipper's door and delivered to consignee's door.  
Freight Charge The fee that the customer will pay for the transport service rendered to their shipment.
Freight Collect The consignee is responsible for payment of the freight charges. Payment should be made upon release of the cargo to the consignee.
Full container load (FCL) Cargoes loaded in a container with only one shipper.
Gate Pass Is a form issued that serves as an authorization to the person pulling out the cargo from the warehouse.
General Cargo Cargo not using the standard QuikBox.  
Grounding Acceptance and actual dismounting of container from the truck to the ground in the container yard.  
High Volume Cargo/transactions of the shipper with big volume or big in terms of number of transactions.
Hustling The process of transferring the container van from warehouse to the loading pier.  
Less container load (LCL) Loose cargoes, loaded cargo in a container with several shippers and consignees.
Letter of Credit (L/C) A form of letter issued by a bank indicating that a purchaser in a foreign country has established credit in a specified amount in seller's favor and that payment will be made upon presentation of draft together with certain specified documents. Three major items to look for: is it workable, is it within the granted links of credit and is the application sighed by an authorized agent.  
Manifest A system-generated report from the system summarizing the cargo/documents scanned indicating the consignment note/air waybill numbers and the total number of scanned consignment note/air waybills.  
Non-Docs Non Documents, items other than documents  
Notice of Charge A written notice sent to the referred party informing them that the claim is already charged to them since they have rendered unsatisfactory answer/reply or their silence is construed as tacit acceptance of liability.  
Official Receipt (OR) Document issued to on-account clients for payment received.  
On-Account Consignment Note Receipt issued for documents paid through the shipper's credit line.  
Origin City or address from which a shipment came from.  
Out of Gauge Cargo that exceeds from the standard size of the container  
Out of Service Area (OSA) Areas not covered by our pick-up or delivery service.  
Out of Town Delivery (OTD) These are areas that can still be served but additional fee has to be charged.
Owner’s/Shipper’s Risk Form Document bearing the complete name of the shipper which is to be executed by the shipper. A form used in case shipper refused subjecting his goods to an open-checking procedure, to have his shipment crated and to declare goods as perishable.  
Paymode Term of payment as agreed with the customer e.g. prepaid, freight collect, collect shipper, credit consignee, etc.  
Perishable Cargo (PERAC) These are goods that get spoiled over a short period of time and needs special handling like food, candies and delicacies.  
Pick-up Agent The code given to courier assigned to a specific area and inputted in the system by a customer service representative (CSR) when a pick-up booking is saved.  
Pick-up Courier Represents the code of courier to whom the pick-up booking is assigned.  
Pre-alert An advance email message being sent to the destination of shipment coming from the origin to anticipate the retrieval from carrier. The pre-alert includes details of loading (no of bags/boxes, kilos), estimated time of departure and arrival.
Prepaid Payment mode where the Shipper pays outright cash upn acceptance or pick-up of cargo.  
Prepaid Consignment Note Receipt issued for outright cash payments of document deliveries.  
Proforma Air Waybill Receipt issued for outright cash payments by the consignee for parcel deliveries.  
Pro-forma Bill of Lading (PBL) Pre-numbered form, to be filled up by customer/ shipper or his authorized representative containing necessary information of a particular shipment and/or cargo transaction sent via sea.  
Proof of Delivery (POD) The document where consignee signs to acknowledge receipt of delivery.  
QuikBox Standard box to send cargo available in three sizes (small, medium, large).  
QuikCash Sending money door-to-door to any destination nationwide.  
QuikMove Heavy lifts shipment requiring special handling such as "lipat-bahay", "lipat-office."  
QuikPac Sandard envelope to send letter or any type of document available in three sizes (small, medium, large).  
QuikSave Prepaid product available for both QuikPac and QuikBox at discounted price.  
Rate Flexibility Sheet (RFS) A document to be filled up when a special rate is given to a customer. This should be approved by the officers of Sales or the CEO.
Request for Adjustment (RFA) A process required to be done to document changes in the freight charge so adjusted amount will also be reflected in the systems (front line system and Oracle).  
Satellites Aboitiz One Inc.-owned and operated outlets of 2GO Express.  
Serviceable Area (SA) Areas that are covered by our delivery service network.  
Shipment Pick-up Sheet (SPS) Document accomplished by pick-up couriers to summarize all transactions picked-up for the day. Serves as transmittal sheet upon turn-over of cargo/documents to gateway/consolidation area.  
Shipper Sender of the document or parcel deliveries.  
Special Delivery Fee (SDF) Refers to out of service area cost incurred for the delivery of cargo/document.  
Statement of Account (SOA) A detailed report of unpaid transactions of a client. This contains the Invoice No., Date of Invoice, Date Received by Client, Amount.
Stripping The process of unloading cargo/shipment from the container or truck.
Stuffing The process of loading cargo/shipment into the container or truck.  
Super Saver Box (SSB) Door-to-door, sea freight transaction using the large QuikBox at discounted price.  
Surcharge Fee added to the usual charges for the special handling service or because of regulatory restrictions for freight movement or government agency mandated additional charges.